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Dear Senator/Representative [last name]:

The legislation HB 1143 & HB 401 addressing medical cannabis and the changing of these outdated laws is of paramount interest to me because I care deeply about medical cannabis and the patients that need it to function and provide for themselves and for our society.

I am primarily concerned about (describe major specific concern within the topic of prohibition, criminal justice reform, sick patients, etc) because (state reasons or examples briefly, with only as many relevant details as necessary to make your point clearly).

Thank you for your consideration of my viewpoint on this matter. I believe it is an important issue to our community, and would like to see the legislation (pass and be amended) to ensure that patients get the rightful medicine they need and also deserve.


Your Name,


Phone Number

Email Address

Things to Remember:

Here are some key things you should always consider in writing to your elected representatives.

1.    Be courteous and respectful without “gushing” or exaggerating.

2.    Clearly and simply state the purpose of your letter. We need a medical cannabis program, and stating why it is important to you. 

3.    Say who you are. Anonymous letters go nowhere. Even in email, include your correct name, address, phone number, and email address. If you don’t include at least your name and address, you will not get a response.

4.    State any professional credentials or personal experience you may have, especially those pertaining to the subject of your letter.

5.    Keep your letter short — one page is best.

6.    Use specific examples or evidence to support your position.

7.    State what it is you want done or recommend a course of action.

8.    Thank the member for taking the time to read your letter.                                      

What Not to Do:

Just because they represent the voters does not mean that our representatives are subject to abuse or belittlement. As impassioned as you may be about an issue, your letter will be more effective if it’s written from a calm, logical perspective. If you’re angry about something, write your letter then edit the next day to ensure you’re conveying a courteous, professional tone. Also, make sure to avoid these pitfalls.

Do not use vulgarity, profanity, or threats. The first two will make you lose credibility and the third one can get you a visit from the Secret Service. Simply stated, don’t let your passion get in the way of making your point.

Do not fail to include your name and address, even in email letters. Many representatives prioritize comments from their constituents and a letter in the mail may be the only way you receive a response.

Do not demand a response. You may not get one no matter what and a demand is simply another rude gesture that does little for your case.

Sample Phone Script to Elected Representatives

“Hello, my name is [first and Last name]. I was calling [name of representative or senator] to voice my support for Hb 1143 & HB 401 to create a medical cannabis program. Can you please document that I have called and that I encourage [name of representative of senator] to vote yes on these? Thank you, and have a great day.

To find out who represents you please click on the find my rep tab.

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Phone/Email Script

Dear Senator/Representative [last name]: The legislation HB 1143 & HB 401 addressing medical cannabis and the changing of these outdated laws is of paramount interest